Author: Pratiwi Menzies


I am Pratiwi, a mother of 2 lovely boys, wife of a wonderful husband,

I am a stroke survivor, and I am a cook at home.


Welcome to my food blog  – A Cook At Home. Yes, you read that right,   I suffered from quite a massive Ischemic when I was  42 when I suffered the stroke.  A common misperception is that strokes only occur within elderly people, well that perception is evidently wrong. At the time I created this blog in 2021, my recovery was in progress and still is to this day.  I am able to stand and walk hence I am still able to go out; socialise with friends, shop, and do one of the things I love most which is cooking.  For me cooking is a pleasure and never pressure, hence the idea of creating this blog so I could better use my time whilst still working on my recovery.   It hasn’t been easy but luckily my will outweighs the restrictions and challenges that I have to face on a daily basis.

In this blog, I’d love to share my passion for cooking by sharing the recipes that I have tried and proven in my own kitchen. Many people have explored the use of youtube channels to do something similar, I just don’t have the confidence to speak in front of the camera so here I go, I am  Indonesian and very proud of my heritage, hence you will find a lot of  Indonesian cuisine in my recipe collections, but not just limited to it. I love food and I love to discover and recreate the flavors I’ve tasted elsewhere and bring the dish to my kitchen for my family to enjoy. Proud to say that I am quite adventurous when it comes to food. My cooking is very much influenced by the countries I have visited and lived in (Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam).

In life in general you will always borrow or take something that suits you.  And in cooking, this means using techniques or ingredients and adapting them to your own cooking style to suit your own taste.