I had this dish when i traveled to Dubai with my husband, we went to a very nice restaurant at the Madinat overlooking the Burj Al Arab, they had this dish in their appetiser menu served with Melba Toast. . Chicken liver may not be to everyone’s taste and sometime don’t even get the second look but chicken liver is packed with nutrition and is good source of Vitamin A which is good for your eyes. How you cook chicken liver makes a lot different in the taste.I am glad we picked that for our starter as it was just gorgeous. I am pleased to share this recipe with you so you can try it for yourself  


1 tbs of olive oil

5 or 6 pieces of chicken liver clean and cut into bite size, discard the gizards

2 medium sized onion (sliced)

1 tsp of piri piri powder

200ml of cooking cream

salt & pepper to season

Cooking method:

Heat oil in a large pan or skillet on high heat, the pan or skillet needs to be large enough to sear the livers at once, once the pan/skillet is hot add in the liver along with the fats (if available), add a pintch of salt and pepper , leave the liver to cook for approximately 2 minutes add in the onion, add piri piri powder sautee until fragrant and the onion is caramelised, add cream. once the cream has been incorporated well, taste it, add more piri piri powder if you prefer additional heat.And voila your dish is done!