Literally means stuffed tofu, Tahu isi one of street food delicacies from Indonesia, generally consumed as a snacks between meals Tahu Isi can easily be found on any street corner of Jakarta day or night, made from tofu stuffed with stuffing that can vary from vegetables and/or with minced meat. Tahu Isi is very versatile. From street to fine-dining Tahu isi can also be found served as appetiser in fine-dining restaurants across Indonesia.


fresh tofu – cut into triangle (the traditional shape) – finger food size

1 large size carrot – cut into julienne

10 – 20 grams of beansprouts – trim and clean

2 garlic cloves – finely chopped

2 or 3 sprigs ofspring onions – chopped (half for filling, half for batter)

salt & pepper for seasoning

1.5 cups of Flour – for batter

low cholesterol or canola oil for frying

2 Eggs –

The tofu:

  Ideally you want to use soft tofu Cut tofu into triangle, finger food size, pan-seared all sides on a hot oiled pan in order to firm up the side, create insition on one of the sides to insert the filling from later, set aside to cool.  Note:  Silken Tofu would not work for this.

The batter:

In a large bowl mix flour, eggs add a pintch of salt and a pintch of pepper to season, mix thorouhgly but never vigorously, add half of the chopped spring onion. You want to get light consistency of pancake add water if necessary to achieve the right consistency . Taste it with the tip of your finger to taste. add seasoning if necessary, from here you are on your own you should be your own judge for the seasoning balance. This is why in my recipes you will not see exact amount of salt or pepper -because to me how much you put in is Absolutely your preference and should be to your liking. you are not cooking for me you are cooking for yourself.

heat large pan or skillet on medium heat , add garlic sautee until fragrant, add carrots and beansprout add spring onion sautee until vegetables are wilted , season to taste, set side to cool.


Heat low cholesterol oil in a large deep frying pan on high heat at approximately 350 degrees F – or if you dont have cooking thermometer you can test the heat by dripping a few droplets of the batter  if they start bubbling strsight away, you know it’s ready, scoop in the batter mixture 1 scoop at a time. The scooped size will be the size of your bakwan, big or small is totally up to you.  Don’t over crowd the pan to avoid the bakwan  sticking to each other, but if they do you can always separate them while frying.